Over 2's Garden...

Formby Day Nursery has excellent outdoor facilities. We believe that the outdoors learning environment is just as important as the indoors.

Our pre-school children have "free-flow" access, where they can choose whether they want to be outside or inside throughout the nursery day. All children are given superb opportunities to explore and learn about the natural world. We have a bark area where children can sit on tree stumps or search for bugs that are hiding.

There is a large amount of space incorporating many different areas of learning including sand and role-play. There is a sensory area for children to discover and experiment using all of their senses. Children have access to water which can be used for watering the plants, painting the fence and making channels for it to travel through.

They can build using large materials such as milk crates, tyres, and planks of wood. There is a digging area for children to plant different things in or dig for worms.

We aim for all our children to experience different types of weather whilst at nursery. We have all in one rain suits and the children have wellies, in order for them to access the outdoors whatever the weather.