Promoting confidence, self-esteem and independence is what we aim for all children to achieve, as well as much more!

This room is designed specifically to further all of these qualities in all of our children. There are separate areas around the room for activities such as reading, writing, home corner, science, creativity, etc. These enable children to fully learn, discover and explore, with the appropriate amount of adult intervention and encouragement where needed. Children are able to make their own choices throughout the day, as well as take part in specifically planned activities, to enable them to achieve their full potential in preparation for starting school.

Activities include: computer work, story acting, PE sessions, music and regular cooking. Extra learning opportunities often include visiting local places out and about, such as the fire station, post box, greengrocers, library, etc. Taking part in our Nativity and Sports Days are also just some activities we encourage, and parents are welcome to attend.